Policies & Regulations


Series  000: Mission,  Goals and Philosophy
0200   IDCS Mission and Vision 
Series 1000: Community Relations
1001 Parent-Teacher Communication  
1002  Civility-Respectful Communications & Actions
1003  Advertising & Promotion 
1004  Use of School Facilities 
1005 Automatic External Defibrillators
1005A  Administrative Regulations Regarding Automatic External Defibrillators  
1006 Possession of Deadly Weapons or Firearms
1007  School Safety and Security
1007A  School Safety and Security Administrative Regulations 
1008  Administrative Regulations Regarding Sexual Offenders  
1009 Prohibition Against Smoking 
1010  Policy Regarding Visitors 
1010A  Administrative Regulations Regarding Visits to the School 
1011  School Volunteers, Student Interns and Other Non-Employees 
1011A  Administrative Regulations Regarding School Volunteers, Interns and Other Non-Employees 
Series 2000: Administration
2120  Organizational Chart 
Series 3000: Business/Non-Instructional Operations
3001  Gifts, Grants, and Bequests to the School 
3001A  Administrative Regulations Regarding Gifts, Grants, and Bequests to the School 
3002  Pesticide Application on School Property 
3003  Policy Regarding Green Cleaning Programs 
3004  Infection Control 
3005  Food Service 
3006  Budget Procedures 
3007  Disposal of Obsolete or Surplus Equipment / Materials 
3008  School Activity Funds 
3009  Purchasing 
3010  Staff Use of Facilities 
Series 4000: Personnel (4100-Certified Staff)
4000.1 Employee Manual 
4001  Social Media  
4001A  Administrative Regulation Regarding Social Media 
4002  Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug-Free Workplace 
4003 Evaluation, Termination, and Non-Renewal of Athletic Coaches 
4004 Administrative Regulations Regarding Bloodborne Pathogens 
4005  Reports of Suspected Abuse or Neglect of Children or Sexual Assault of Students by School Employees  
4006 Reports of Suspected Abuse or Neglect of Adults with an Intellectual Disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder 
4007  Administrative Regulations Regarding Concussion Management and Training for Athletic Coaches 
4008  A Policy Regarding Employee Use of Integrated Day Charter School’s Computer Systems and Electronic Communications  
4008A  Administrative Regulations Regarding Employee Use of Integrated Day Charter School’s Computer systems and Electronic Communications 
4009 Employment Checks 
4111/4211  Affirmative Action Statement 
4111.1/4211.1  Equal Employment Philosophy 
4112/4212  Appointment and Conditions of Employment/Employment at Will 
4112.6/4212.6 Access to Employee Records/Personnel Records 
4117.3  Reduction in Force - Certified Staff 
4118/4218  Non-Discrimination 
4118.11/4218.11    Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment 
4120/4121  Certified-Temporary, Part-time and Substitutes 
4133/4233  Expense Reimbursement 
4140/4240  Reports of Suspected Abuse or Neglect of Children 
4152.3/4252.3  Childbearing Leave 
4152.6/4252.6  Family and Medical Leave 
4180/4280  Plan for Minority Staff Recruitment 
(4200-Non-Certified staff)
4215   Evaluation/Supervision - Performance Appraisals 
4217.4  Suspension/Dismissal of Non-certified Staff 
4124/4224  Prohibition on Recommendations for Psychotropic Drugs  
4251  Health Dept Appointment and Duties 
Series 5000:  Students
5001  Admissions 
5002  Administrative Regulations Regarding Restraint and Seclusion of Students 
5003  Policy Regarding Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 
5003A  Administrative Regulations Regarding Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 
5112/5113.2   Attendance and Truancy  
5114.1  Student Discipline 
5114.2 Overtime (Detention) 
5114.3  Physical Activity and Discipline  
5117.2  Interdistrict Choice-On-Campus Recruitment 
5120  Homeless Children and Youth 
5123  Promotion and Retention 
5125   Student Educational Records
5131.6  Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco 
5131.7  Weapons and Dangerous Instruments 
5131.81 Internet and Electronics Usage 
5131.911   Bullying 
5131.912   Safe School Climate Plan 
5132   Dress Code 
5141.25   Management of Life-threatening Food Allergies 
5141.4    Reporting of Child Abuse/Neglect 
5141.5  Suicide Prevention 
5145.12  Search and Seizure 
5145.4  Nondiscrimination 
5145.5  Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment 
5145.6  Grievance Procedures - Title IX 
5204  Health-Annual Screenings 
5206  Health-Head Injuries 
5207   Health-Care of Home Accidents 
5208   Health-Gym Excuses 
5209   Health-Pupils with Physical Disabilities 
5211  Health-Dismissal of an Ill Child 
5212  Health-Immunizations and Physical Exam Requirements 
5213  Health-Pediculosis (Head Lice) 
5214  Health-Communicable Disease 
5215   Health-Examinations 
5301   Health-Cumulative Records 
5302  Health-Supervision of Health Office 
5304   Health-Administering Medication by School Personnel 
5305   Health-Records of Medication Administration 
5306  Health-Error in Medication Administration 
5307   Health-Scope of Treatment 
5308    Health-Emergency Medical Care 
5340   Health-Self Administration of Medication 
5345    Health-Training in Safe Administration of Medication 
Series 6000:  Instruction
6001 School Ceremonies and Observances/Religion Public Schools 
6142.101  School Wellness 
6154   Homework 
6162.5    Student Privacy/Student Surveys  
6164.12  Exemption from AIDS Instruction  
6172.4    Parental Involvement - Title I Students  
6185  Parental Access to Instructional Materials 
Series 9000:  Board Bylaws
9000.1   IDCS, Inc Governing Board Bylaws 
9001  Conflict of Interest and Nepotism
9003  Formation, Adoption, Amendment or Deletion of Policies and Administrative Regulations
9271   Board Code of Ethics 



Procedures & Regulations

Reg XXXX IDEA Fundraising and Grants
Reg 3542 Food Service
Reg 3850.1  Infection Control Program
Reg 3850.2  Handling Body Fluids
Reg 4118/4218 Discrimination Complaints
Reg 5112/5113.2 Attendance and Truancy
Reg 5131.6  Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco
Reg 5131.911 Safe School Climate Plan
Reg 5131.911(b) Report of Suspected Bullying Behavior
Reg 5141.26   Human Bites During School Hours
Reg 5304.1   Authorization and Administration of Medication
Reg 5304.2   Supervision of Medication Administration
Reg 5304.3   Handling, Storing and Disposal of Medication
Reg 5305      Documentation and Record Keeping
Reg 5305.1    Medication Administration and Health Forms
Reg 5306.1   Handling Errors in Medication Administration
Reg 5308.1   Medical Emergencies
Reg 5340.1   Self Administration of Medication
Reg 5345.1   Staff Training in Administration of Medication

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