Board & Committees
IDCS Governing Board

   Members Time 2018/2019 Schedule
Governing Board            Chair: Chris Lacey
Vice Chair: Julia Cronin
Treasurer: Sandy Quarto
Secretary: Rhonda Exum
Cheryl Blanchard, Darlene Burlingame, Andrew Harvey,
Mary Osten, Terri Woronecki
Non-Voting: Dr. Ellen Retelle, June Morrone, Bill Merrill, Joyce Werden, Diane Holtzworth, Monique Kercado
3rd Wednesday of the Month 5:30 p.m. 
2nd Floor Conference Room
8/15/18, 9/12/18, 10/17/18, 11/28/18, 12/19/18, 1/16/19, 2/20/19, 3/20/19, 4/24/19, 5/15/19, 6/19/19

Standing IDCS Governing Board Sub-Committees

Sub-committee Members Time 2018/2019 Schedule
Finance Chair: Sandy Quarto
Rhonda Exum, Andrew Harvey, Bill Merrill, June Morrone, Mary Osten, Dr. Ellen Retelle
2nd Tuesday of the Month
8/14/18, 9/11/18, 10/9/18, 11/13/18, 12/11/18, 1/18/19, 2/12/19, 3/12/19, 4/9/19, 5/14/19, 6/11/19
Governance Chair: Chris Lacey
June Morrone, Dr. Ellen Retelle, Terri Woronecki
2nd Monday of the Month
9/10/18, 10/1/18, 11/5/18, 12/10/18, 1/14/19, 2/11/19, 3/11/19, 4/8/19, 5/13/19, 6/1/19
Strategic Planning & Communications Chair: Darlene Burlingame
Cori Beckwith, Melissa Dearborn, Corinne McOmber, Dr. Ellen Retelle, Brianne Temple
3rd Wednesday of the Month 
8/15/18, 9/12/18, 10/17/18, 11/28/18, 12/19/18, 1/16/19, 2/20/19, 3/20/19, 4/24/19, 5/15/19, 6/19/19

IDCS Foundation

Members Time Schedule
Foundation Co-Chair: Candice Flewharty 
Co-Chair: Heather Hatch
Vice Chair: Bonnie Ambruso
Treasurer: Carrie Miner
Secretary: Tara Southworth
Open to School and Community
Monthly/As Needed
Annual Meeting: 2/11/2019
(IDCS Conference Room)                    

School-Wide Committees & Groups

School Committee Members Schedule 
Building Safety & Security Chair:  Bill Merrill
Donna Manca, Evgeniya Pololina, Dr. Ellen Retelle, Kim Reynolds, Tom Scott, Rachel Stahl
Climate, Wellness & Inclusivity Chair: Cori Beckwith
Melissa Dearborn, Jason Deeble, Denise Hawk, Diane Holtzworth, Suzanne Marquez, Greg Perry, Brianne Temple, Joanne Tosses 
Crisis Team Cori Beckwith, Chris Lacey, Donna Manca, June Morrone, Greg Perry, Dr. Ellen Retelle As Needed
Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Chairs: June Morrone & Connie Murphy
Debby Allard, Shannon Chapman, Julia Cronin, Erin McGuckin, Robin Perron, Brianne Temple, Terri Woronecki 
Emergency Team Chris Lacey, Bill Merrill, June Morrone, Tom Scott, Dr. Ellen Retelle As Needed
Facilities & Grounds Chair: Tom Scott
Bill Merrill, Dr. Ellen Retelle
HOTs Chair: Terri Woronecki
Shannon Chapman, Jason Deeble, Diane Holtzworth
As Needed
IDCSA President: Greg Perry
Jason Deeble, Corinne McOmber
IT Systems Chair: Amanda Hagen
Julia Cronin, Diane Holtzworth, Suzanne Marquez, Erin McGuckin, Bill Merrill, Dr. Ellen Retelle, Rachel Stahl
Keepers of the Flame/ School Council
Chair: Melissa Dearborn
Diane Holtzworth, Kristin Maletz, Erin McGuckin, Dr. Ellen Retelle, Janine Swartz, Student Council Representatives
9/20/18, 10/18/18, 11/15/18, 12/20/19, 1/17/19, 2/21/19, 3/21/19, 4/18/19, 5/16/19
PDEC: Professional Development & Evaluation Committee Chairs: Erin McGuckin & Dr. Ellen Retelle
Corinne McOmber, June Morrone, Connie Murphy, Mary Osten, Greg Perry
Five times per year
Staff Meetings All Teaching Staff

TEAM with Mentors Coordinator: June Morrone
Corinne McOmber/Denise Hawk
Connie Murphy/Krista Bouregy
Terri Woronecki/Shannon Chapman
As Needed 
Think Tank All Teaching Staff


Volunteers interested in Board Membership: Application