IDCS Foundation


The IDCS Foundation Board is a non-profit entity (501(c)3) whose goal is to raise awareness, inform/educate and raise money from corporations / businesses, the general public, and IDCS families.  Because it is separate from the school, it can apply for grants for which the school might not be eligible. The goal of the Foundation is to raise enough money to establish and sustain an endowment so that the school can draw (and eventually benefit) from the interest.

The Foundation is composed of parents, staff and community members who have expertise in business, law, finance, and the pulse of the surrounding community. Parents who are interested in serving on the Foundation are asked to call the director at the school or contact the following 2017/2018 Board Members.

Co-Presidents: Candice Flewharty & Heather Hatch
Vice Co-Presidents: Rebecca Martin & Bonnie Ambruso
Secretary: Tara Southworth
Treasurer: Carrie Miner