4th & 5th Grade

WELCOME to the 4/5 Web Page!

We are excited for new year! 

Here is an overview of what we will be studying this year. 

Overview  of Academic Year 2017/2018

English Language Arts:

Class Books :  Wonder, Maniac Magee, and George vs George for trimester 3

Weekly spelling and word work, monthly book shares, reading to support other areas of the curriculum

Writing: Realistic Fiction, Bringing History to Life, Research reports(Informative Writing), Argumentative Essays


Place Value, Decimals, All operations for fluency, Fractions, Measurement, Geometry. 

Moby Math, math games, Calendar Math and more!


Stars and the Solar System , Waves and Information/Engineering Design, Energy (sound, light, heat)

Social Science:

Native American history in CT, European exploration of CT, First contact between Natives and Europeans,  Colonial period, French and Indian War, American Revolution


Summer shares, three more projects roughly coinciding with trimesters.


We will work with an artist in residence this fall!  Together, we will plan a unit to integrate our Social Sciences and Native American studies with spoken word and poetry as well as other artistic expression.   More to come!