Preschool Hours:
AM class meets 8 a.m. - 11 a.m.
PM class meets 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Pre-K Plus:
The Pre-K Plus program is an extension of the AM PreK class.
For more information, check out the Pre-K Plus Page!
 Early Dismissal / Late Arrival:
•   AM preschoolers will go home at 11 a.m. on both 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. dismissal days; however, PreK Plus is available on these days.
•   PM preschoolers will not meet on half days.
•   AM preschoolers will not meet on days where inclement weather causes a delayed start
•   PreK Plus is available for early dismissal days.

As the research topics come in I will be updating this list to keep you all posted on what animal each student has chosen to research starting the last week of April.
AM class:
Ben: Spotted Turtle Tuesday April 25th
Evie: Groundhog   Tuesday May 16th
Elias: Black Bear   Monday May 15th
Alexandra: Skunk  Monday Monday 1st
Jadaye: Hummingbirds  Tuesday May 2nd
Lilian: Lynx  Thursday May 18th
Aliya: Gray Wolf  Tuesday May 9th
Lex: Bobcat  Monday April 24th
Alexia: Deer  Thursday April 27th
Maiya: Wild Rabbit  Tuesday May 23rd
Desmond: Gater Snake Monday May 8th
Bryanna: Swan Wednesday May 17th
Haylee: Red Tailed Squirrel  Wednesday May 24th
Jack: Blue Jay  Wednesday April 26th
Jade: Flying Squirrel  Wednesday May 10th
J'Nyiah: Fox Thursday May 25th
Renee: Frog Monday May 22nd

PM Class:
Bradley: Turkey Vulture  Wednesday May 10th
Brenton: Mouse Thursday May 18th
Brandon: Wild Rabbit Wednesday May 17th
Declan: Hawk  Tuesday May 16th
Ella: Frogs  Monday May 1st
Gordon: Turtles Monday May 15th
Jazmyn: Seal  Wednesday April 26th
Braxton: Flying Squirrel  Monday May 22nd
Jeshuah: Bear  Tuesday April 25th
Joey: Salamander Monday April 24th
Karim: Gray Wolf  Monday May 8th
Keith: Horseshoe crab Tuesday May 23rd
Noah: Great Horned Owl  Wednesday May 24th
Selena: Ducks Tuesday May 9th
N'Yeili:Osprey Tuesday May 2nd
Fuzail: Deer Thursday May 25th
Everett: Fox Thursday April 27th

December 20th 2016

As we prepare for Winter break please remember to read to your child daily. We have worked on the letters F,E,L,H and T and will be working on the letter 'i' the first week we return in January. Practice the letter names, the sound the letter makes, and words with that beginning sound. Use play dough to form the letter (always go from top to bottom) we use the words ceiling to basement or crayons or pencils. If it snows form the letters on the ground. Continue having your child practice writing their name from memory.
If you have a calendar do it daily (counting up to 30 is a goal in pre-k) and share the days of the week.
In Math have your child set the table (and count out the number of place settings needed.) Make groups of objects up to ten. Use whatever you have (toys or small household items.) Make math fun!
Have an enjoyable Winter Recess!
Mrs. Strong

November  8th 2016
 I have been very busy writing the narrative report cards and assisting your children in preparing them for their student led conferences.
Conferences started yesterday, please be aware that several families will be attending in the same 30 minute time slot as yours so please arrive at your allotted time. After reading the guide on the chart paper please have your child share their writing, complete the assigned math activity, share the calendar, and take a peek at our slide show on the red table (in any order they choose!)
Thank you in advance for coming to support and celebrate your child's learning here at IDCS.

Our annual bread feast will be on Wednesday Nov 23rd. All Pre-k students (AM & PM) are welcome to attend with their parents. Earlier that day we will be participating in our annual Sharing and Caring activities upstairs in the media center. The exact time that the pre-k students will be attending has yet to be announced, again the PM students can participate during that time with their parent.
This coming Monday (November 14th) we will be starting more in depth letter instruction and work. We will be following the 'Handwriting without tears' letter introduction schedule with the letter 'L' followed by 'F, E, H, T, I, U, C, O, Q, G, S, J, D, P, B, R, K, A, M, N, V, W, X, Y, and Z'.
We will focus on one letter each week, how to form the letter (both upper and lowercase) using various formats (pencil work, clay, chalk etc,,,) what sound it makes, words with that beginning sound etc..
We will continue introducing new math activities and extending some old ones to include writing numerals to 10 depending on each individual child's needs.
Thank you for your continued support and encouragement in your child's education.
Mrs. Strong

So we have finished the first six weeks of school and each day the students now have both math and literacy to work on as busy bee work. 
If you can support this work at home that would be beneficial. Everyone has been practicing writing their first name and naming the letters in their name.
In math we are identifying numerals 1-5, their number order and making groups up to five as well as naming and constructing shapes and naming colors.
I have finished the baseline/beginning assessments that will be reported out in report cards in a few weeks.
Thinking about report cards the student led conferences are the second week in November and as I have 34 students that need to share with their parents I will be starting my conferences earlier each day. I will be starting at 11:15am rather than noon on the 7th, 9th and 10th. Please write down the best two times for you to come in rather than checking the box that has a window of time.
The forms will be coming home soon. Please return them to me ASAP to secure your time or by MONDAY October 31st NOT Tuesday November first as the form states as I will not be in school that Tuesday.
There will be three families in the room at a time, this is NOT a traditional parent--teacher conference, rather your child must be present so he/she can share their work with you.
Remember there is NO SCHOOL on Tuesday November 8th and Friday the 11th so the afternoon pre-k students do not have class Friday November 4th until they return on Monday November 14th as all the other days are early school dismissal days.
Mrs. Strong

Welcome to IDCS Pre-k class 2016-2017

Pre-Kindergarten students start school on Thursday September 1st. at 8am-11am for the morning class and noon-3pm for the afternoon class.
Your child needs a snack and drink daily. Don't forget the classroom is NUT free so please do not pack any food that contains tree nuts of any type! 
I will send a folder home with your child on the first day, please check it daily for mail and return it to the backpack so it can come back to school daily.
If your child attends pre-k plus please direct any questions to
Please remember to say goodbye to your child prior to entering the room. Prolonging or extending your goodbye often is more stressful and upsetting for the all the students.
The students have 'jobs' to independently complete when they enter, Ms. Brynn and I are here to assist them (please do not come in and do these jobs for your child as they are very capable.)
Ms. Brynn will be putting the AM students on the bus at 11am and will be at the front lobby at noon each day so all the students (drop-offs and bus students) can come downstairs together with her. At 3pm we will both be bringing all the students to the new lobby for dismissal. For safety reasons the pre-k walkers will be dismissed out of the building only when we see their parent. The students riding the bus stay with us in the new lobby area until their bus is called.
We will be having recess daily so please do not send your child to school in flip-flops or open toed shoes for safety reasons. We cannot apply sunscreen at school so please to that prior to sending your child to school on hot/sunny days.
I will let you know as soon as I do what day we will have gym so you can dress your child appropriately.
Mrs. Strong and Ms. Brynn

The school year is winding down with only 13 more days of school. It has been a pleasure seeing the academic and social growth of all the students!
On Monday June 6th Spirit week starts. All the students will be tie-dying t-shirts with their learning buddies (shirts provided by the school)however please make sure your child wears play clothes as some dye might end up on them!
the shirts will go home to you on Monday so you can wash them and they will wear them to the picnic on Friday.
Tuesday students can dress up to express a possible future career.
Wednesday students dress up to express a superhero or a real life hero.
Thursday is twin day ( dress like your friend or sibling!)
Friday is the Family picnic at Harkness Park (wear your tie-dye shirt)
Please remember to return your class permission slip for the picnic so I know if you are driving, riding the bus or staying home that day.
We will be having a couple of surprise presentations in the classroom before school ends!
Report cards go home on the last day of school (Tuesday June 14th for PM class) and (Wednesday June 15th for AM class.) You will get a postcard in the mail in early July letting you know who your child's Kindergarten teacher will be. Please email them ASAP to schedule a home visit. I will enclose a list for their classroom donation needs as well as contact info in the report card packet!
Thank you for continued support with teaching your students!
Mrs. Strong and Ms. Brynn

This year Earth Day falls during April vacation so the school would still like to recognize this day and has sent home seed packets with every student for you to plant at home. When we return to school the pre-k students will be planting seeds in the classroom as the windows have great natural light and we can watch our plants grow. We will then plant them in our garden near the playground to enjoy in the Fall (zinnias are the perfect flower as they have a long life.)
If a parent could donate some potting soil pellets or pods to class for planting it would be appreciated (these are those compact disc shape pellets.) Jiffy is one brand and they are usually sold in packs of 50-100. Just email me and I will let you know if I need them.
Research starts the week we return, there have been a few changes to the schedule, please check below for your child's date. No need to bring in the projects until the day of.
Have a great vacation! 
Mrs. Strong

These are the research topics each student will be working on at home over the next month. All research presentations will start after April vacation with one presentation from each class daily. The students in the morning class will be presenting at 10:30am each day before their dismissal at 11am and the students in the afternoon class will be presenting at 2:30pm each day.

**Please note that not all students got their first choice so that there would be different presentations in each class.

Thursday April 28th Brady (deer) Ben (bears)

Friday April 29th Evan (bat) Andrew (fox)

Monday May 2nd Cameron (woodpecker) Grace S. (flying squirrel)

Tuesday May 3rd Josephina (butterfly) Olivia (deer)

Wednesday and Thursday no presentations due to pre-k screenings

Friday May 6th Tyler (salamander)

Monday May 9th Emilie (gull) Grace P. (squirrel)

RTuesday May 10th Ms. Brynn and Mrs. Strong out for PD

Wednesday May 11th Autumn (crow) Solomiya (swan)

Thursday May 12th pre-k screenings

Friday May 13th Liam (fox) Shiv (frog)

Monday May 16th Savannah (hummingbird) Mahin (duck)

Tuesday May 17th Ryan (seal) Henry (Barn owl)

Wednesday May 18th                       Aydaen (mouse)

Thursday May 19th Oksylia (frog) Chloe (rabbit)

Friday May 20th Willow (cougar) J’Avon (Racoon)

Monday May 23rd Arianna (otter) Antonio (wild turkey)

Tuesday May 24th Bryn (robin) Bransly (Skunk)

Wednesday May 25th Adriano (bobcat) Christy (cardinal)

Thursday May 26th Adam (squirrel)
Friday May 27th Olivia (Snowy Owl)

We are entering our last marking period and continue to work on introducing the letters each week. In Math we continue to work on numbers up to 10 and addition problems of single figures to 10. We are now introducing measurement using non-traditional tools such as connecting cubes. We will be working on length and weight.
The following books are going to be read aloud over the next few weeks.
If you give a pig a pancake by Laura Numeroff
Curious George makes pancakes by Margret and H. A. Reys
Pancakes, pancakes by Eric Carle
The Easter Egg by Jan Brett
Berlioz the Bear by Jan Brett
Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle
Thank you Brother Bear by Eric Carle
In like a Lion and out like a Lamb by Dane Bauer
April Fool's Treasure Hunt by Susanna Leonard Hill
Rumpelstiltskin by Paul O. Zelinsky
Little Red Riding Hood by Trina Schart
Rooster's off to see the world by Eric Carle
Koala Lou by Mem Fox
There is no school next Friday April 25th.

Don't forget the annual school basket raffle will be on Friday April first starting at 4:30pm. There are some great raffle prizes and silent auction items.

****Please return the sheet with the research choices that you received at the conference (those with a Wednesday conference will have the form go home with the student) as soon as possible. Three possible choices should be marked down so all the students in each class will present on a different animal native to Connecticut, Please be aware that your child may not get their first topic choice.
Research presentations will not start until AFTER April vacation on the last week of April with one child presenting each day until the end of May. There will be some days that no one will present as I will be conducting screenings for next year and wish to view all the research presentations myself.
I will email you some photos of completed researches to give you an idea of what a finished product might look like.
Mrs. Strong

With the end of January just a few days away we have past the halfway point for pre-k and I have begun my mid-year assessments. I will be meeting with each child individually going over letter naming, sounds and word associations as well as revisiting module one in math to check for growth and number identification and formation. 
We have changed our Spanish class time for the afternoon class and now have Spanish at 12:40 on Tuesday and Thursday. AM class continues to take place at 9:30 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Gym class for the AM class is at 9:35 on Thursday and at 2:30 on Friday for the PM class.
This Thursday we will be having our first 'Lockdown Drill' in the morning.
Next week we will be working on the letter 'O'. We will be reading the following books:
Owl Moon by Jane Yolen
One by Kathryn Otoshi
Old Bear by Kevin Henkes
One Hundred Days of School by Anne Rockwell
Bear Snores on by Karma Wilson
We will be having a noon dismissal day on Friday February 5th so please plan accordingly with pre-k plus (no lunch is served in the dining room.)
The next letter is 'Q'
The Quilt Story by Tomie DePaola
The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle
The Keeping Quilt by Patricia Polacca
President's Day by Anne Rockwell
Franklin's Valentines by Paulette Bourgeouis
There will be no school the week of February 15th through the 19th.
When we get back we will be working on the letter 'G'
The Gingerbread man by Jim Aylesworth
The Greedy Python by Richard Buckley
The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle
The Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett
Three Billy Goats Gruff by Paul Galdone
Keep working with your child on letter names and sounds as well as word associations... I have seen a huge difference already with some of the students!
Mrs. Strong

After Winter recess we will be working on the letters T, I, U, and C. We will continue to work on forming and identifying numerals up to 10. Please have your child practice writing their names, the letters we have covered so far and numerals.
We will be reading the following books:
The trip by Ezra Jack Keats
Tom by Tomie DePaola
Ben's Trumpet by Rachel Isadora
Ten Little Caterpillars by Bill Martin Jr.
Thunder cake by Patricia Polacco
Inch by Inch by leo Lionni
It's mine! by Leo Lionni
The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush by Tomie dePaola
Ish by Peter Reynolds
I know an old Lady
The Umbrella by Jan Brett
Umbrella by Taro Yashima
Snow day by Lynn Plourde
Stranger in the woods by Carl Sams
If you give a cat a cupcake by Laura Numeroff
The very clumsy click beetle by Eric Carle
Comet's nine lives by Jan Brett
Cinders by Jan Brett
Hi Cat by Ezra Jack Keats
Have a great recess!
Mrs Strong and Ms. Brynn

For those parents interested in pre-reading the stories we will be reading in school during the next few weeks here are the titles of the books I will be reading to the students:

Thanksgiving Day by Gail Gibbons
Thanksgiving Day by Anne Rockwell
A plump and perky turkey by Teresa Bateman
'Twas the night before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilkey
Squirrels by Brian Wildsmith
Too loud lily by Sofie Laguna
Leo the late Bloomer by Robert Kraus
The snow lambs by Debi Gliori
The falling leaves and the scarecrow by Steve Metzger
The legend of the poinsettia by Tomie de Paola
Feast for 10 by Cathryn Falwell
Winter on the Farm by Laura Ingalls Wilder
My first Kwanzaa by Karen Katz
Latkes and applesauce by Fran Manushkin
The emperor's egg by Martin Jenkins
Eight Winter nights by Laura Krauss Melmed
The biggest snowman ever by Steven Kroll
Mooseltoe by Margie Palatini
Santa's Favorite Story by Hisako Aoki
The Hat by Jan Brett
A house for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle
Henny Penny by Paul Galdone

November 5th 2015

For those parents who are interested I have set up the clothing rack in the new lobby for our annual coat drive/giveaway. For several years we have facilitated this through the Winter at IDCS. The idea is that parents bring in coats/jackets and snow pants that no longer fit your child rather than donating them to Goodwill; someone at IDCS can instead use them. One does not need to donate a coat to take one it is merely to facilitate those people who would rather use a hand-me-down than go out and purchase a new one... save the environment and recycle!!! Many people are clearing out coat closets so bring them to IDCS instead... from toddler size to adult size all are excepted between now and January, just hang them up on one of the hangers or place them near the rack and I can do it. This program cannot run without donations and seems to be a success every year. At the conclusion all leftover clothing is donated to Madonna Place in Norwich.
I have sent home the form for conference scheduling, please fill it out and return to school. I am available starting at 11;15am rather than 5:30pm for conferences to facilitate all 33 pre-k families. Please be aware this is a STUDENT led conference NOT a parent teacher conference so you must bring your child with you. There maybe up to three families in the room for conferences at one time so please try and limit the number of people who attend. These student led conferences are for you to see what your child is doing in class and for them to share with you some of their work.
Mrs. Strong

October 16th 2015
I have finished all the beginning of the year baseline assessments with the students as we continue on with Module One (Numeracy 1-5) and Module Two (Shapes) in Math, and letter identification and alphabet order in literacy. I will email some parents next week to identify any areas that can be reinforced at home to support your child's learning.
We started meeting with our sixth grade learning buddies this past Wednesday with an informal recess time together. We will be meeting with them every Wednesday for twenty minutes. Mr. Perry (the gym teacher) kindly moved the PM gym class to Fridays for the next few weeks as our day was so busy. Please remember to put sneakers on your child on gym day (Thursday for AM class and Friday for PM class.)
Every year our school has a basket raffle in the Spring to raise funds for various needs (field trips, new playground etc...) each classroom donates a basket towards the raffle. We ask parents to be on the lookout for good deals on toys or arts and crafts for our classroom baskets.... often there maybe a gift you received that can be 'regifted' to the basket raffle! Check out the clearance rack at Target or Walmart next time you are out (every little bit counts!) We will start collecting items after the WInter break.
Mrs. Strong and Ms. Brynn

September 22nd 2015
Thank you to those parents who donated the extra pencil boxes.... for those who asked about the sequence of letter instruction this school year a
fter Thanksgiving break we will be starting more in depth letter instruction and work. We will be following the 'Handwriting without tears' letter introduction schedule with the letter 'L' followed by 'F, E, H, T, I, U, C, O, Q, G, S, J, D, P, B, R, K, A, M, N, V, W, X, Y, and Z'.
We will focus on one letter each week, how to form the letter (both upper and lowercase) using various formats (pencil work, clay, chalk etc,,,) what sound it makes, words with that beginning sound etc..
We continue introducing math activities and extending some old ones to include numerals to 10 and 20 depending on each individual child's needs.
I have started beginning of the year assessments which will be reported out in the November Report Cards on the 17th of November.
Please be aware of the changes to this years calendar.

September 8th 2015

A quick reminder that picture day is on Thursday morning. Please return your child's order form TOMORROW Wednesday as we need to have the class list ready first thing Thursday morning.
Your child will be bringing home a Pinwheels for Peace sheet tomorrow. Please color it with your child on both sides and cut out the square ONLY. The rest will be assembled at school by the art teacher to be displayed outside the school for peace day September 21st.
This Thursday is also the first IDEA meeting which starts at 5:30pm with potluck dinner followed by teacher introductions at 5:45pm. At 6pm parents will have the opportunity to visit classrooms by grade level to hear about the curriculum. This portion will be adult only and will last 30 minutes. Session 2 is at 6:30pm-7pm so parents can visit another grade level.
This will be a quick overview of what your child will be working on this year in school.
Mrs. Strong 

September 3rd 2015

Week one is over and the students have been doing a great job transitioning into class each morning/afternoon and completing their jobs independently or with prompts from Ms. Brynn and I.
Please try to say goodbye to your child at the door rather than staying in the room.

Thank you for all the classroom donations which will be used during the year.
We have been opening the room slowly using guided discoveries; sharing the proper use of materials and clean-up/storage.
All the students have had both gym and Spanish and really enjoyed each class.
Don't forget the AM class needs to wear sneakers on Thursdays for gym and the PM class on Wednesdays,
We have introduced writing/tracing names using dry-erase markers and some alphabet picture matching puzzles. In Math we have started work on matching numerals up to #5 and #9  depending on the child's ability using various manipulatives.
The classroom centers which are used for free choice time are slowly being opened for those students who are finished their busy bee work.
Mrs. Strong

August 26th 2015

Hope everyone is ready for the first day of school tomorrow!
The gym schedule is set so the AM class will have gym every Thursday morning at 9:35am starting tomorrow!! Please have your child wear sneakers to school on gym day.The PM class will have gym every Wednesday at 12:50pm.
Spanish classes are tentatively set up (waiting for final approval) for Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:40am and for Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:35pm.
Don't forget to sign and return the last page of the handbook in the manila envelope on the first day of school and to send a change of clothes for your child in a labelled gallon size ziplock bag (these will stay in school in your child's cubby.) Everyone also needs a healthy snack and a drink each day.
For those morning students that are staying on after 11am thay will need lunch and sleeping sheets/blankets that will stay in Pre-K plus and will be returned home every two weeks for washing.
The room is ready!!
Ms.Brynn and I are excited to be teaching your child this year!
Because we have gym tomorrow we will need to start or day on schedule...
It is going to be an awesome year!!
Mrs. Strong

With research presentations coming to a close we are gearing up for the end of the year!
Everyone worked so hard and taught us all a thing or two about the wild creatures here in CT.
Only 3 weeks left! We will be having educators visit us from the Dennison Pequotsepos Nature Center for both the morning and afternoon classes as our 'in house' field trip for students only.
We will be headed to East Lyme for our annual school picnic on the 12th of June, please remember that all pre-K students must be with an adult at all times. 
The last day of school will be Wednesday June 17th for the afternoon class and Thursday June 18th for the morning class. There will be NO pre-K plus program on Thursday, all students will be dismissed at 11am.

Everyone has chosen a wild creature to research and share after break.
Dates have been assigned to all the students and are as follows:
The AM class:
Monday May 4th: Juliet-seals
Tuesday May 5th: Kaleb-trout
Wednesday May 6th no research scheduled due to meeting
Thursday May 7th: Carson-skunks
Friday May 8th: Eli-Blue whales
Monday May 11th: Antonio-Bats
Tuesday May 12th no research scheduled due to screenings
Wednesday May 13th no research scheduled due to screenings
Thursday May 14th: Alivia-Eagles
Friday May 15th: Tionna- Deer
Monday May 18th: Megan-Rabbilts
Tuesday May 19th: Ryan- Squirrels
Wednesday May 20th: Gracie- Butterflies
Thursday May 21st: Sufyan- Woodpeckers
Friday May 22nd: Lily- Chipmunks
Monday May 25th_ No School
Tuesday May 26th: William- House fly
Wednesday May 27th: Grade level meeting
Thursday May 28th: Estrella- Falcon
Friday May 29th: Jackson- Flying squirrels
Wednesday June 3rd: Harrison- Black bears

The PM list is as follows:
Monday May 4th: Ethan- Frogs
Tuesday May 5th: Divesh - Deer
Wednesday May 6th Jediel - ?
Thursday May 7th: Braylynn- Lobsters
Friday May 8th: Evan- Bats
Monday May 11th: Mac- Mallard ducks
Tuesday May 12th no research scheduled due to screenings
Wednesday May 13th no research scheduled due to screenings
Thursday May 14th: Cameron - Blue birds
Friday May 15th: Melea - Chipmunks
Monday May 18th: Abryella- Skunks
Tuesday May 19th: Kylee- Moose
Wednesday May 20th: JiaQi- Rabbits
Thursday May 21st: A.J.- Osprey
Friday May 22nd: Vanessa- Seal
Monday May 25th_ No School
Tuesday May 26th: Paxton- Swallowtail Caterpillar
Wednesday May 27th: Claudia- Goose
Thursday May 28th: Nathan- Porcupine
Friday May 29th: Kaylee - Fulmar

Please remember due to this tight schedule presentations cannot be rescheduled.
All presentations for the AM class will begin at 10am sharp and the PM class will begin at 2pm sharp as the audience will be ready at that time and it is difficult for 16 young students to sit and wait.
All presentations should not last more than five minutes
If you have any questions please email me
Mrs. Strong

Spirit week was so much fun! Big thanks goes out to all that made it happen and all the participants.
This week we are working on the letter 'D'. Next week we will be working on the letter 'P'.
In Math we are starting to look at measurement (weight and length) and will continue until the end of the year.
Please remember to send in your research form by Thursday so I can send home the final research choices and information on Tuesday. Research presentations will be in the month of May.
There is NO school on Friday April 3rd and Monday April 6th.
Have a great Easter!
Mrs. Strong

Next week is spirit week at IDCS!
Monday is crazy hair/hat day
Tuesday is Future Career Day(dress as what you want to be when you grow up)
Wednesday is Pajama/movie day (wear your pj's to school)
Thursday is sports day (wear your favorite team jersey!)
Friday is book character day (dress up as your favorite book character)
We will have all school on Friday at 8:20 followed by rotations for activities in the gym.
Children do not have to dress up or wear pjs if they do not want to.
Next week the letter of the week will be J
Please continue reviewing the letter sounds of those letters that we have already worked on;
L, F, E, H, T, I, U, C, O, Q, G, and S.

Please remember to return your yellow conference form to confirm the day and time for your child's student led conference.
This week we are working on the letter 'G' and next week we will work on the letter 'S'.
Today the afternoon class ventured onto the playground for the first time, it was nice to hear so many laughing voices and happy faces.
Tomorrow (Thursday) the 2/3 grades will be presenting a play on civil right, we will be attending this at 8:30 am and 2 pm. You are welcome to join us!
Friday morning the AM class will be sharing their family photos with their sixth grade buddies (not all the students will be speaking.)
Report cards will be going home on Tuesday. Don't forget there is no school next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for the PM students due to conferences.
Mrs. Strong

The purple conference form goes home today with your child, please fill it out and return by Firday (PM students by Thursday) of this week. As there are 33 Pre-K students and parents to accommodate I will extend the hours to allow time for everyone.
 My conferences will start at 5pm (not 5:30pm) for the evening sessions and also at 11:10am on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for those who are dismissed at that time.
PLEASE fill in the best time for your family and an alternative time also so I can try and accommodate everyone's needs. 
Mrs. Strong

 I hope everyone is staying warm during this chilly February break! Between burst pipes and ice dams causing leaks in my house I am done with Old Man Winter and look forward to warmer weather and Spring!
Next week I am hoping for warmer temperatures so we can have outside recess again (don't forget hats and gloves!)
We will continue to have gym time for the AM class on Fridays and the PM class on Mondays so please send your child in with sneakers on their gym day.
We plan on starting a new letter on Monday 'O' for octopus, orange, etc...
Getting ready for the student led conferences I will be giving out information packets regarding the pre-k research projects which will be due after April break. The students will present during the month of May. We will have an umbrella topic on wild animals (insects and sealife included) that are native to Connecticut. There will be plenty of time to decide and research a topic.
After conferences are over we will introduce a new Math concept: measurement (length and weight) and terms (words) used to describe weight. At home practice continue counting up to 30, recognizing group sizes up to 10, forming numerals to 20, and identifying numerals to 30.
Please continue working on Literacy skills at home with your child. Letter names, the sound each letter makes (most important when learning to read in Kindergarten) and being able to produce words with that beginning sound. Producing rhyming and opposite words are also important.
Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday
Mrs. Strong

January 28th 2015

Due to the snow storms we will not be introducing a new letter on February 2nd but will continue to work on the letter 'U' while reviewing the letters L,F,E,H,T,and I. Please continue working with your child with letter recognition and phonemic sounds, and Number recognition and formation up to 10 and 20.
I have started assessments for the next marking period (it is hard to believe that four months have past since I last met with the students individually to assess them.)
Some students have started work on simple addition using single digits up to 10 so this is something else that can be practiced at home.
Stay warm, enjoy the snow, keep reading nightly.... Fingers crossed there will not be too many more snow days.
Mrs. Strong

January 16th 2015
The morning class did a wonderful job working with their learning buddies on their family portraits, they are currently on display in the classroom and will be used later this year during our Diversity Fair.
The afternoon class will be working on their portraits tomorrow with their learning buddies.
We have worked on the letters 'L, F, E, H,' and 'T' and will be working on the letter 'I' this week. I am starting individual student assessments to gather fresh data for the second marking period. I will assess letter identification, letter sound and production of a word with that beginning sound. In Math I will be reviewing plane and geometric solid shape identification, counting up, one to one correspondence when counting, writing numerals 0-10 and number identification.
These assessments are done with each student individually outside the classroom. This is only one component of the report card, classroom work, social skills and gross and fine motor skills, and advancement using Lexia will also be reported out.
Your continued help at home reinforcing classroom work will help your child with their continued success in school and is appreciated.
Mrs. Strong

Next week is a shortened week for both the morning class (2 days) and the afternoon class (1 day) therefore we will not be introducing a new letter and will instead work on reviewing the letters 'E' 'F' and 'L'. There will be a small worksheet pack going home with your child on Monday or Tuesday that they can work on during the Winter break. They can draw a picture in the blank area after they practice forming the letter. This 'homework' does NOT need to be returned to school, it is merely additional practice. Hope you have a wonderful break.
We will be working on the letter "H" when we return to school.
Mrs. Strong

December 8th 2014
i know we have two more weeks until Winter starts but it felt REALLY cold on the playground this morning! With that in mind please remember to pack a hat, gloves or mittens and send your child to school with a winter coat!
Mrs. Strong

December 5th 2014
We are finished working on the first week of letter naming, identification and phonics. Students worked on a variety of activities using play dough, dry erase, tracing, writing with pencils, identifying objects that begin with the letter 'L' and reading stories that had the letter 'L' in the title.
Next week we will be working on the letter 'F'. Please practice these two letters at home with your child (practicing forming the letters, sharing the sound they make, words that have the same beginning sound and going on word hunts using environmental print or items in your home such as lamp, and fridge.)
We have also started working on tracing numerals 1-10 and using playdough to form the numeral and show how many that numeral shows.
Your involvement at home makes a huge impact at school so keep up the good work! If your child needs to move forward they can begin sounding out simple words such as 'cat' and 'dog'. Don't forget to continue on with Lexia at home, here at school I can access home usage and some children are quickly fulfilling their weekly goals and moving forward. Please remind them to wait until the green bar that moves across the screen has reached the end prior to logging off so that their time is accepted as it needs to reach the end for a new green 'bar' to be earned in that category. Each category has several bars (about 8) that have to be earned and all the categories must be completed before they can complete level one. Level two to five is Kindergarten work and some students are working on level two already!!!! Way to go!
Thank you again for supporting your child!
Mrs. Strong

November  19th 2014
So sorry in the delay regarding pre-k news and information. I have been very busy writing the narrative report cards and assisting your children in preparing them for their student led conferences.
Conferences started today, please be aware that several families will be attending in the same 30 minute time slot as yours so after reading the guide on the chart paper please have your child share their journal, complete a math activity, share the calendar, how they use 'Lexia' and take a peek at our slide show on the art shelf (in any order they choose!)
Finally fill out the 2 stars and a wish form and return it to me prior to leaving!
Thank you in advance for coming to support and celebrate your child's learning here at IDCS.
Next week we will be having a early dismissal on Wednesday prior to the Thanksgiving break. All AM pre-k students are dismissed at 11am as there is NO PRE-K PLUS that day.
Our annual bread feast will be at 11am that same day (Nov 26th) All Pre-k students (AM & PM) are welcome to attend with their parents. Earlier that day we will be participating in our annual Sharing and Caring activities upstairs in the media center. The exact time that the pre-k students will be attending has yet to be announced, again the PM students can participate during that time with their parent.
After break we will be starting more in depth letter instruction and work. We will be following the 'Handwriting without tears' letter introduction schedule with the letter 'L' followed by 'F, E, H, T, I, U, C, O, Q, G, S, J, D, P, B, R, K, A, M, N, V, W, X, Y, and Z'.
We will focus on one letter each week, how to form the letter (both upper and lowercase) using various formats (pencil work, clay, chalk etc,,,) what sound it makes, words with that beginning sound etc..
We will continue introducing math activities and extending some old ones to include numerals to 10 and 20 depending on each individual child's needs.
Thank you for your continued support and encouragement in your child's education.
Mrs. Strong

A big thank you to those who donated pumpkins to our room for exploration in the sensory table. We will be counting the pumpkin seeds and saving them to plant in the Spring.
We are learning about the life cycle of the pumpkin and the apple and are looking at the various colors we see during Autumn. 
In Spanish we have worked on colors and are now working on different animal names.
There will be a special fire prevention assembly this Thursday for the AM class hosted by the Norwich Fire Department. I will try and arrange another visits for the PM class. This Friday is a noon dismissal so the AM class will be dismissed at 11am as usual and there will be no school for the PM class. Please do NOT send your child to school with any costumes or masks that day, thank you.
Please continue practicing counting up to 20 at home, recognizing and naming the numerals to 10, and making groups of small objects up to 5 or 10 if your child has mastered up to 5 already. Look around your house and see if your child can find triangles, squares, rectangles, rhombus' (diamonds) in the environment.
Mrs. Strong

Wednesday October 8th 2014

I am sending home a Nature Scavenger Hunt tomorrow it does NOT have to be returned to school, it is merely a suggestion for a fun activity that can be done together with your child. The weather is getting chilly in the morning and there is some confusion with the children as who owns what jacket, please label your child's sweaters and jackets with their name or initials so I know which one belongs to whom. Also if you sent in short sleeved tops and short pants with your child if you can replace them with warmer clothing and as they come in I will send home the ones here. Enjoy your long weekend at home!
Mrs. Strong

Monday October 6th 2014
We have been lucky enough to have a gym class with Mr.Perry after all-school on Friday. He is going to try and accommodate the afternoon class on Monday afternoons. This shortened gym class is a great way for the students to be introduced to the 'specials' that they will have in Kindergarten next year!
We continue to work on shape and color identification, counting out and sharing groups up to five and nine (for some of the students.) There is a difference between counting up and number awareness (seeing a group of objects and knowing what number that group represents.) We also continue to practice writing our first names using lower case letters.
I have finished the beginning of the year assessments and will let families know what areas they can be helping their child work on at home.
Students from Connecticut College have started working in our class. They have been working with the students individually on writing and literacy activities. We are lucky to have extra adults to give this individualized attention to our students!
Mrs. Strong and Ms. Brynn

Thursday September 25th 2014
Another busy week has past us and we have finished 20 days of school! Both classes have met their learning buddies and started a project that went with the book "Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom" we will finish it next week with the sixth graders.
We continue working on shape and color identification and counting out groups up to five and higher for some friends.
I have started the beginning of the year basic assessments on each child (they generally take about 10-15 minutes to complete.) 
We have 2 students from the education department of Connecticut College coming to our room on Tuesday afternoons and another 2 coming in on Thursday mornings. They will be working with the students in small groups on literacy work (letter identification, phonics, writing, building vocabulary and sentences) depending on each child's needs. They will be here until December so we are lucky to have additional adult support in the pre-k class.
Mrs. Strong

Thursday September 2014
We have been concentrating on counting, sorting, color, and shape activities in Math. Next time you take your child to the supermarket take some extra time in the produce section and have your child identify the different fruits and vegetables that they see by name, color and shape. Ask them to count out plates and knives and forks at dinner when they help set the table or count and name the color of the clothing you are folding while doing laundry. These simple activities can really help your child in math!
In Literacy the students are practicing identifying and writing their own name, again doing this at home for extra practice is very beneficial. Use playdough, clay, chalk or even water to form letters, not just pencil and paper! Point out letters that you see in Environmental Print and remember to share the 'sound' each letter says or makes. Practice singing the Alphabet song as not all the students know it (particularly the L,M,N,O,P part which is always sung too fast!)
The AM class are participating with our POD sharing the opening song at All-School tomorrow morning.
Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Strong

Friday September 12th 2014
We finished up our first full week of school! Each day we have expanded the math manipulative choices for busy bee work and we have started keeping track of those children who are mastering particular activities. We have also expanded our literacy choices (with some alphabet puzzles) and opened our library center, science center, block area, dramatic play center, and doll house center. Next week we will add more activities to some of the centers and continue with our guided discoveries so we can open our art and sensory table centers.
We are still trying to learn each others names and the various songs that we sing at our meeting. During Calendar we have been counting the number of days that we have been in school and counting on by ones.
The afternoon class has met with their learning buddies during a shared recess time on Thursdays and soon we will be doing activities with both 6th grade classes.

Mrs. Strong and Ms. Brynn

Thursday September 4th 2014

Picture Day
September 12th is Picture Day.  Forms went home in your child's folder, please return them ASAP.  Please try and have your child at school that day so we can get a whole class photo. 

So we have finished our first five days in school and continue to practice learning each others names, our daily routines, and the transition from  home to a new school.
The students are doing great at remembering their morning jobs: saying goodbye at the door, putting their backpacks away, getting their daily folder out and putting it on the yellow teacher table, taking their name tag off the hook, and finding their busy bee to start their daily work. Please remind them to do their jobs independently when you say goodbye on arrival.
Our busy bee work changes as we slowly introduce different math and literacy activities using guided discovery.
Free choice is also expanding as we slowly open the room and the various centers. The first six weeks of school is important as we establish expectations for work and behavior in our classroom community.
I sent home a scholastic flyer and forgot to mention that you can order directly from scholastic with a credit card using the code on the seesaw flyer. The books are still delivered to the class for me to send home. If you would rather pick them up from me directly rather than them going home in your child"s backpack please let me know with a note on the order form or by email and I will hold them in class.
We are off to a great start! Thank you SO much for all the classroom donations!
Sincerely Rina Strong

Pretty excited! Home visits will be in less than a month.... Have to set up my room! See you all soon!
Mrs. Strong

Next week (June 9-13) we will be working on the letter "P". We will be reading "If you give a pig a pancake" by Laura Numeroff, "The princess and the pea" by Janet Stevens, "Puss 'n' Boots" by Charles Perrault, "The three little pigs" by Margot Zemach, and "Pecos Bill" by Steven Kellogg. On Thursday we will watch the 2/3 grades perform a play at 9am and on Friday there is a special All School Talent show at 8:30am.
Please remember to return the family picnic permission slip 
All the pre-k students must be accompanied by a parent to, during, and from the picnic and Pre-K plus is closed for the entire day. There are no regular classes scheduled for this day and I may not be in my room but rather helping with organization and set up for the picnic in the morning.
please email me if you have any questions
Mrs. Strong

We only have a few weeks left before school ends. 
On Tuesday June 17th we have our IDCS family picnic, details will be sent home soon. I wanted all the pre-k parents to be aware that all the pre-k students (both AM and PM) are welcome to attend for the entire day but ALL MUST be accompanied by a parent for the entire event and that pre-k plus will not be open at all that day. 
I will be on the 7/8th grade field trip to Boston tomorrow so I will not be in class.
Research presentations are all completed! Thank you for being so supportive and assisting your child with this big task! They did great!
This week we have been busy working on the letter 'J' and next week we will be working on the letter 'D'. We will be reading the books "If you give a dog a donut" by Laura Numeroff. "The 3 Little Dassies" by Jan Brett, "The Grouchy Ladybug" by Eric Carle, and "Harry the Dirty Dog" by Gene Zion.

This week we introduce the letter "S". We will continue letter formation practice using chalk, clay, tracing with dry erase markers and pencil and paper work.
We will be reading the books "Slowly, Slowly, said the Sloth" by Eric Carle, "Our tree named Steve" by Alan Zweibel, Smelly socks" by Robert Munsh, "Our day at the sea shore" by Amy and Richard Hutchings and "The three snow bears" by Jan Brett.

Our seedings are growing so tall! The children are getting excited about planting them soon.
We will be learning about deer, wolves, frogs, ducks, beavers, coyotes, squirrels and chipmunks this week when our friends share their research.

HELP! We have no tissues!!!!
with all the runny noses this year we have run out of tissues! If you could drop a box off to the class your donation will be appreciated by all! Thank you!

Research has gone great so far! Please let me know in advance if you want the research recorded. If you have NOT contacted me by now you will need to provide me with a mini DVD to record the research on as I have no extra ones left.
This week we worked on the letter "Q" we read the book "The Quilt Story", "The Very Quiet Cricket", "How a seed grows", and "From seed to plant". 
We started planting flower and vegetable seeds and some have already sprouted on our window sill! We plan on transplanting them up in Mr. Henry's garden near the exit to our school with our learning buddies as our service learning activity later in June. Ms. Brynn will be here this summer working in the summer program so she will help maintain our plants!
Next week we will be working on the letter "G". We will be reading the books "The Gingerbread man" by Jim Aylesworth, "Goldilocks and the three bears" by James Marshall. "The three Billy Goats Gruff" by Paul Galdone, "Goldilocks has chicken pox" by Erin Dealey, and "My mother is so smart" by Tomie de Paola.
Please remember our volunteer breakfast is on May 8th (Thursday) hopefully you can make it!!
Now that the weather has warmed up please remember that we have outdoor recess daily and flip flops are not safe with all the woodchips and for young children that are learning to climb on the playscape.
Mrs. Strong

Please remember that research presentations start on MONDAY April 28th. They will be starting at 10am and 2pm promptly, please plan accordingly if you want to attend and observe your child's presentation. If you would like to record it please be here prior to 10 and 2 to set up or you can send in a DVD mini disc and I can record it for you. Please send in the materials/chart the same day of your child's presentation. Thank you for your cooperation!

Research schedule for Pre-K 2014

Please do not bring in research material until the day of your child’s presentation. You are welcome to come and watch your child present, please let me know in advance if you would like me to record your child. Looking forward to learning all about the animals and birds, remember keep it fun and simple! 4-5 facts to share with the class.


Jasmine Monday April 28th at 10am             Mirielle at 2pm

Aidan Tuesday April 29th at 10am                Asa at 2pm

Paige Wednesday April 30th at 10am     Anissa at 2pm

Adam Thursday May 1st at 10am                  Abigail at 2pm

Cayden J. Friday May 2nd at 10am

Caeden P. Monday May 5th at 10am               Hannah at 2pm

Ashlyn Tuesday May 6th at 10am                  Lilyan at 2pm

Harrison Wednesday May 7th at 10am         Avery at 2pm

Angelis Thursday May 8th at 10am               Miranda at 2pm

Karina Friday May 9th at 10am

Gisselle Monday May 12th at 10am                
Ramar Tuesday May 13th at 10am                 Elaine at 2pm

Aniya Wednesday May 14th at 10am             Jacob at 2pm

Emma Thursday May 15th at 10am                 Sobrina at 2pm

Wednesday Friday May 16th at 10am            Ethan at 2pm

Amaya Monday May 19th at 10am                  Lavina at 2pm

                               Tuesday May 20th   Elias at 2pm

                                Wednesday May 21st  Farsa at 2pm

                                         Natalia May 22nd at 2pm
Next week we will be working on the letter "C". We will be reading the books "The Sand Castle Contest" by Robert Munsch, "The Cheese" by Margie Palatini, "Max's Chocolate Chicken" by Rosemary Wells, "Easter" by Gail Gibbons, and "Franklin and the tooth fairy" by Paulette Bourgeois.
We will be talking about dental hygiene and I have toothbrushes for everyone to take home.
Please continue to work with your child on alphabet and numeral identification as well as phonics and to read to them nightly.
Remember to read non fiction books aloud to your child about the animal/bird they are researching so that they will learn some facts that they can teach us about.
A research schedule will be sent home after break, please do not send in any materials until the assigned day your child is going to present.
thank you
Mrs. Strong

Next week in pre-k we will be working on the letter Z.
We will be reading "Zen Shorts" by Jon Muth, "the April Fools' Treasure" by Susanna Hill, "Harry the Dirty Dog" by Gene Zion, "Umbrella" by Taro Yashima, "Train Song" by Diane Siebert. Friday will be a noon dismissal with the AM class dismissing at 11am, and the PM will not have class.

All the students have made their research choices and the morning class has already started on their mini book illustrating their topic. 
The presentations will start after April vacation with each child presenting on separate days. Parents are welcome to come and view the presentation which will be recorded and sent home. If you have any questions feel free to email me. 
Wednesday- Squirrel
Amaya- Frog
Paige- Great horned owl
Jasmine- Fox
Gisselle- deer
Aniya- duck
Adam- salamander
Ramar- gray wolf
Cayden- Racoon
Karina- Pelican
Emma- coyote
Aidan- skunk
Angelis- Porcupine
Ashlyn- cardinal
Caeden- pilot whale
Harrison- moose
Farsa- squirrel
Lilyan- fox
Anissa- hummingbird
Asa- porcupine
Mirielle- rabbit
Natalia- seal
Miranda- lizard
Avery- eagle
Lavina- mouse
Elaine- frog
Jacob- beaver
Elias- duck
Hannah- mockingbird
Abigail- skunk
Ethan- swan
Sobrina- chipmunk

It's good to be back!

After a sad absence I am back in class busy working on the letter "X" with all the students.
Next week we will be working on the letter "Y".
We will be reading the books "Goldilicious" by Victoria Kann, "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds, "Goggles!" by Ezra Jack Keats, "Shy Charles" by Rosemary Wells, and "Blueberries for Sal" by Robert McCloskey.
Papers went home yesterday with your child with information on how to help them with their research projects which should be completed and shared after April vacation. Please check their folders/backpacks and contact me if you did not get a packet or have any questions.
Mrs. Strong 

Next week is spirit week at IDCS, Monday the students can wear their pj's to school, Tuesday is game day, Wednesday is NO homework day (which does not apply to us). Thursday is crazy hat or crazy hair day and Friday is wear RED day for pre-k.
We will be read the following books "The Big Storm" by Nancy Tafuri, "Bear Snores On" by Karma Wilson, "In like a lion out like a lamb" by Marion Dane, "Hibernation" by David Martin, and "Groundhog at Evergreen Road" by Susan Korman.
If you have not done so already please return your child's form for their research. Once I have them all back I will send out a list of all the research titles and a packet to assist you as parents in guiding your child through the process.
There is a noon dismissal on Friday March 7th so there will be no PM pre-k.
Mrs. Strong

Our new Science and Dramatic Play areas look great and are being utilized more often by the students. 
We have worked on the letters L, F, and E and will focus on the letter H next week.
We continue to review letters and their sounds as we introduce new letters.
We plan on reading the books "The Wild Toboggan Ride" by Suzan Reid, "The Emperor's Egg" by Martin Jenkins, "Tacky and the Emperor" by Helen Lester and "Tacky and the Winter Games" by Helen Lester.
There will be no school on Friday January 31st as it is a teacher professional development day.
Please remember to send in hats and mittens with your child for outdoor recess.
It is not too late to donate a toy for the Pre-K basket that will be donated to this year's basket raffle.... Hope to see you there! It is SO MUCH FUN!!!
Mrs. Strong

have started working on Winter Assessments which involves pulling the students individually to assess various areas, so I am looking for volunteers to come and work in the room with Ms. Brynn during free-choice time (usually between 10:15 and 10:55am and in the afternoon between 2 and 2:50pm.)
We will be also taking delivery of a new wooden table with four stools for our science area. This will be arriving un-assembled so if there is a parent who would be willing to assist by assembling the new table in the hallway during class/school hours that would be great (we can borrow tools from our school janitor.)
Please let me know if you can help with one or both of these tasks!
Thank you in advance
Mrs. Strong

We completed a very busy week and everyone worked hard on learning about the letter 'L'. We read the books 'The Hat' by Jan Brett, 'Snow Day' by Lynn Plourde, 'Snow Day' by Betsy Maestro, 'Mrs. Toggle's zipper' by Robin Pulver, and 'The Biggest, Best, Snowman' by Margery Cuyler.
Next week we will be working on the letter 'F' (letter formation, sound, words with that sound, and writing.)
We will be reading the books 'Stella Queen of the Snow' by Marie-Louise Gay, 'Owl Moon' by Jane Yodel, 'Stranger in the woods' by Carl R. Sams II, 'Winter on the Farm' by Laura Ingalls Wilder, and 'The Biggest Snowman Ever' by Steven Kroll.
We have been going outside however several students do not have hats and or mittens. Please plan on outside recess daily unless there is rain or extremely cold temperatures. Please send in appropriate clothing and footwear for your child so they can enjoy their recess!
We continue to collect toys for the basket raffle in March. The Pre-K theme is 'Toy Chest'. You may send in an item with your child or drop off at the front desk.
If you have any questions just let me know!
thanks Mrs. Strong

We barely started back and snow arrives!
Next week we will be starting letter work in literacy introducing and focusing on a different letter each week.
We start with the letter 'L', we will focus on the sound this letter makes, words that have this sound at the beginning, and how to form the letter (both upper and lower case)
We will be using 'Handwriting without Tears' as a guide for penmanship and will also introduce journal work for additional practice.
It would be helpful if parents reinforce the letter sound /l/ this coming week and share words that have that sound such as lion, letter, lost, leg, llama, lake, ladybug, locust etc... with their child. If your child would like to share an item with the class that has the same beginning sound that would be great!
Mrs. Strong

Every Spring there is a basket raffle held at the school as a fundraiser. There is usually a live children's band, face painting, food and it is a great afternoon/evening of fun for the whole family.
Each class usually contributes a basket towards the raffle. This year the Pre-K class has chosen to assemble a basket with the theme "TOY CHEST". If you have any items that would would like to contribute to our basket please start sending them into the class starting after Winter recess. Examples of items that could fill the basket could be 'board games, toy cars/trucks, dolls, trains/tracks, stuffed animals, legos etc...' There are many toys discounted at this time of year so it is a perfect time to pick up something small at a low price!
Thank you for your support for our school basket raffle!
Mrs. Strong and Ms. Brynn

Please be aware that several children have not yet had their flu shot. These shots are now mandatory in CT for pre-k students and are due by January first. Please send in a doctors note verifying the shot was given by the end of the week or on the first day back from winter recess. You may contact Nurse Manca at the school if you have any questions.

Due to the cold temps and icy conditions we have not had outdoor recess. Please make sure your child has hats, mittens and a warm coat daily.
Have a restful Winter recess, read to your child and I will see everyone in the new year!
Mrs. Strong and Ms. Brynn

This is the last week Ms. Rachel will be working with our students, we will all be sad to see her go but wish her luck with her future studies. She has worked hard in our room and has assisted the class with some awesome science experiments. Her last day is this Friday.
The students worked on making a rainbow in a bottle with Ms. Rachel which they will be taking home. PLEASE read the attached label carefully as some of the ingredients are not for consumption so the bottles should ONLY be observed under the guidance of an adult. The lids are closed with duct type to remind the students NOT to open them.

Please be aware that on delayed openings there is NO AM Pre-K and on early dismissal days there is NO PM Pre-K.

We will be reading the books "One, Two, One Pair!" by Bruce McMillan, "The Mitten" by Jan Brett, "The Jacket I wear in the snow" by Shirley Neitzel, and "The Door Bell Rang" by Pat Hutchins this week in school.
I will be sending home a packet for "HOMEWORK" that goes along with the book "The Mitten".... check your child's folder on Thursday or Friday.

PLEASE remember to say goodbye to your child prior to entering the
classroom. As we start the second marking period all the children are
capable of completing their morning jobs independently
and need to work on their busy bee work themselves so accurate assessments on their progress can be made. If your child is having difficulties transitioning away from you let us know so we can assist. Thank you for your cooperation.
Mrs. Strong and Ms. Brynn

Next week we plan on continuing to work on numerals to 10, matching numbers, number order, sorting, and shape work. In literacy we have been working on letter to picture matches, ABC order and alphabet puzzles.

We will be reading the books "Thanksgiving on Plymouth Plantation" by Diane Stanley, "This is the Turkey" by Abby Levine, "One is a Feast for a Mouse" by Judy Cox, "Eight Winter Nights" by Laura Krauss Melmed. and "Latkes, Latkes, Good to Eat" by Naomi Howland.
We will be discussing how some families in our community celebrate Thanksgiving and Hanukkah.
Please remember to send your child into school with a warm coat, hat and mittens everyday.

All students have a notice in their folders today regarding the Bread Feast.
All students MUST be with a parent in order to attend the Bread feast. This year it is at 11am and the AM pre-k will be dismissed at 11am that day also. There is NO PRE-K PLUS THAT day! All Pre-K students will be sent home on the bus at 11am unless we are notified in writing that a parent will be here. There is no school for the PM class that day.

With the cold weather upon us please remember to send your child to school each day with a warm coat, hat and gloves/mittens. We go outside every day and it can be very cold and windy on the playground next to the river.
Most parents brought in a change of clothes for their child in case of an accident, these clothes need to be changed out for cold weather clothing and I will then return the summer clothes that are here.

Sorry regarding the delay in this posting but our network has been down.
This week we have been busy sharing our work with you during our student led conferences.
Thank you all for attending with your child to celebrate their work and learning!
This week we have been reading the books "I'm like you, you're like me!" by Cindy Gainer, "10 Red Apples" by Pat Hutchins, "Are Trees Alive?" by Debbie S. Miller, "Me & my amazing body" by Joan Sweeney.
Next week we will be reading "Thanksgiving Day" by Anne Rockwell, "Thanksgiving on Plymouth Plantation," "A plump and perky turkey" by Judy Cox, "One is a feast for a mouse" by Judy Cox, and "Painting a Rainbow" by Lois Elert.
Ms. Rachel will be making rainbows in a bottle with each student next week.
On Wednesday November 27th the AM class will be dismissed at 11am and there is no school for the PM class. However that is the day of the IDCS Bread Feast; all families are welcome to attend this activity in the gym/cafeteria where we share breads and spreads. This has been a tradition at our school since it opened.
Mrs. Strong

Entering a new month the students continue working on counting up to 30. Working with learning buddies continues to be popular. The morning class explored measuring and weighing pumpkins and will explore inside them next week.
We were lucky to have the Norwich fire department visit us to discuss fire safety. The afternoon class had the bonus of a visit from a fire engine!
Next week we will be reading the books "There was an Old Lady who swallowed some leaves" by Lucille Colandro, "Squirrels" by Brian Wildsmith, "The Falling leaves and the scarecrow" by Steve Metzger, "Flying Squirrel at Acorn Place" by Barbara Gaines Winkelman, and "Chipmunk at Hollow Tree Lane" by Victoria Sherrow.
We plan on continuing to experiment making goop in science and to journal about our findings.
Please return the form for student led conferences by MONDAY November 4th. If a form is NOT returned I will assume that anytime is convenient for you. Please remember that there is no school on November 11th and there is no PM Pre-K on the 13th, 14th, or 15th.

HI! For the week of October 28th-November 1st we will continue to work on learning about Fall. We will be reading the following books: "the Pumpkin Patch" by Elizabeth King, "The Little Yellow Leaf" by Carin Berger, "In the Woods: Who's been Here?" by Lindsay Barrett George, "Shy Charles" by Rosemary Wells, "City Signs" by Zoran Milich.

Halloween is next Thursday. As a school we do not celebrate holidays. We may share information regarding various holidays/celebrations/traditions at different times during the year as we have a variety of cultures and religions represented at IDCS. However please do not send in any thing Halloween related especially costumes. Thank you for being kind and respectful of our diverse school culture.

It is a noon dismissal for the school on Friday November 1st so the AM class will dismiss as normal at 11am and there will be NO SCHOOL for the PM class. Please let Ms. Jen know of any changes to your child's after class care.
When you are in the grocery store please take some extra time in the produce section pointing out the different fruits and veg. We have been singing songs that incorporate the names of as many as we can think of and this activity is a great way to expand your child's vocabulary, discuss color words, and use math skills to count.

Week of October 21st-25th 2013

Next week in class we will be reading some more non-fiction; "The Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree" by Gail Gibbons, "The Pumpkin Book" by Gail Gibbons, "Why do Leaves change color?" by Betsy Maestro. We will be reading some funny fiction books also; "Pumpkin Soup" by Helen Cooper, and "Pumpkin town" by Katie McKy.

We will continue talking about Fall, changes in weather, the life cycle of the apple and pumpkin plants, as well as what the trees are doing. 

Each week we have been working with our Learning Buddies in sixth grade on an activity that reinforces what we have talked about in class. 

We will be introducing some new math choices for busy bee work and 'retiring' some math work that we will revisit later in the year. We will also introduce stencils in the art area and a neat set of materials for leave rubbings. 

If anyone comes across a large intact chestnut leaf we do not have one in our class collection. 

If you plan on ordering any books from Scholastic please have your order in by Monday when I will place the October order, we should have the books in by the end of the week.